Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So I got up and got going (I am liking being able to have my next day's clothes hanging - it worked well).  When I went into the kitchen I saw that in one of my hubby's late night excursions that he had gotten a new crock pot!!  Then I headed off to work.

Work was pretty good - busy at times and slower at others.  I am keeping up pretty well and even being able to design some websites which I kind of enjoy doing when I am not under the gun.

I got a call from the mechanic - the horrible noise when turning left is a broken strut - the whining noise when turning is the powersteering going out - no one can get a replacement or rebuild of my speedometer console - so a used one had to be located - and replacing my door locks so they work is going to take a lot of labor - nearly $3K all together - but I love my car and it is 15 years old and still going strong except for this - so I approved it knowing hubby would most likely agree with my decision and even if he doesn't it is my car - but he usually tells me it is worth it.

I went home and started a load of my laundry and went out to the garage to start making progress on cleaning it up.  Lots of shredding, and throwing stuff away - recycling bin is now full and with the garbage can.  Garbage will go out tomorrow night to be picked up on Friday AM but recycling will have to wait until next Friday.  I think I will have to create areas in the garage for the dump and for recycling and garbage so I can just keep filling up the cans as soon as they are emptied.  I got quite a bit done or at least moved around so I can start sorting things out.

Hubby called and said he still was planning to get the food we agreed on Tuesday (me a dinner plate from a Mexican Resturant near his work and he and my son would have Panda Express - the reason for this is orginally I was going to be at a concert and my hubby and son would have Panda Express but then because my client is no longer living with the foster mom, that idea was canceled but I didn't want them to miss out.)  Anyway my dinner was wonderful - I hadn't had that plate for over a year and it hit the spot.  We talked and laughed a bit and then decided as a family to watch The Big Bang Theory that was recorded last week.  We really enjoyed that!

Then it was time for my son to read Tom Sawyer some more - and he went in his room and managed to finish the book!  Hubby and I enjoyed watching some bull riding that we were behind on.  And then it was time for bed.  Hubby agreed that I should get the car fixed and he also agreed to only keeping 2 years of certain magazines so that is helpful - that will allow me to get rid of a lot more stuff.


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