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The last several years I have been away from home on Mabon.  This year is the same - I am at the ATTACh Conference and this year it is in San Antonio, Texas.
I find it interesting that my harvest always seems to fall when I am at the conference.  That is not to say I am not harvesting a lot of things.  Quite the opposite.  This year has been really interesting.  A few weeks ago I got involved with a small group of people who saw some things we felt were wrong and we got together and reached out to the rest of the membership.  At the board meeting this weekend, they listened to our voice and we exacted change!  I also got calls from a few potential clients so I feel like I am really reaping the fruits of my labors! I am really thrilled to be living life this way - by the wheel - it just works so much better for me.

Harvest or Fruit Full Moon

This year I am at the 25th Annual ATTACh Conference.  I am actually going to be doing a parent workshop.  So for me this harvest moon has great meaning in that I am harvesting what I have been working on - helping other parents in similar situations get support and ideas that can help them have a better time parenting their children.

The fruits of my labor are really coming true.

Also I met a wonderful artist who creates this amazing Celtic Art to help calm and focus.
It can help with OCD, Anxiety, ADHD and just a way to meditate easier.
Please visit her work at

Can things really be going this right???

I feel like I have waited my whole life for this - For a point in time that everything seems to be getting better.  Sure I have had one thing here or there that was going right - but usually it just helped me get through something else that was going wrong.
So let me take a moment and share with you things that are going right:
My hubby and I - Still happily and deeply in love.  October 31st will make our 5 year anniversary!  And December 4th will make 7 years together!  The picture to my left is a little gift he gave me for no real reason.  As customary it has several meanings.  I have been reading the Mistborn series and I told him that when some of the characters burn pewter for a long time and then stop - they are really tired - it is called "pewter dragging"  so he got me a "pewter dragon".  Amethyst is my favorite stone and I love dragons and their energy.  As usual he knows me so well and continues to show me how much he loves me in so many different and uniqu…