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Love and Loss

I just couldn't bring myself to update my blog for such a long time.  I am so very torn and hurt and am grieving so much. 

Since my daughter came back from her out of state placement and was put in group homes in this state - she has been going down a dark and scary road.  She started using drugs again - mainly meth and pot.  She was no longer taking her medications that help her keep herself together.  She was refusing to follow any of the rules of the group homes and getting in fights.

She rarely went to school for the whole day - yet her 3rd school in 5 months would graduate her anyway.  Group homes had no control of her.  She choose to actually leave one group home to move in with a pimp and a drug dealer.  When her life was in danger she called me - I got her to a hospital and prayed that she would see how destructive of a path she was on.

Then she went to another group home and the moment she got money she left.  This time trying to move in with someone else who would be arr…

Full Hay Moon 2014

The Full Hay Moon is also sometimes called Thunder Moon.  It is the first moon after the Summer Solstice.  As the name implies it is when we can harvest hay.  At this time it is a good to start focusing on what we will do with our harvest and how best to harvest the fruits of our labor.  That last sentence may seem backwards but you must first know what you want to do with your fruits  - to know how to harvest.  For example if something did not work out like you wanted, it might be best to learn from it and use it as fertilizer for the next set of crops.  Maybe the fruit just wasn't so sweet so maybe you will dry it instead of canning it.  This lets you know how you will go about harvesting it.

This year I am still struggling with what to do and understand about my last seed of intent - supporting my daughter and not enabling her.  Right now I have cut off contact with her.  I will press charges regarding my home and car, I feel like a whirlpool of emotions about her ri…