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Old Moon\Full Wolf Moon or Full Moon after Yule or even Ice Moon

Here in Northern California we are dealing with one of the warmest winters ever while the rest of the country has been really cold.  It feels odd to be walking around in a sundress in January.

I am focusing inwardly on ideas and ways to grow my practice and to be more connected with friends, family and community.  I am also taking time to work on myself.  I am walking and exercising more and today I even got my flu shot.

The First Full Moon of 2014 - everything seems a bit off this year with the weather - I wonder if that is a hint of what is yet to come.

Growing up....

This weekend was busy.  On Friday, my son was a groomsman for a good friend's wedding.  He seemed so grown up - going to a bachelor party, handling groomsmen tasks. 

While at the wedding I realized how my position has changed.  I watched a couple dancing (the groom's parents) and thought how cool they were dancing to pop music from the 80s and then I realized they are probably actually close to my age - maybe a bit older - I have now become a parent to an adult - a new rite of passage.

Saturday, we had my son's Eagle Court of Honor.  There were dignitaries and such.  It was fun and it was serious - my son is an Eagle Scout and I am a mom of an Eagle Scout!  Wow!  Afterwards my son went to hang out with a friend that in a couple of weeks will be going on his mission for two years!  The kids that were laughing and joking in my house are adults now - everyone is growing up.

Sunday, my hubby and my son and I went to go see Princess Bride in a theater.  It was fun and because e…