Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another pretty quiet day.  I got up and made my son and I a skillet of eggs and veggies - I made it into a breakfast burrito for me and he ate just as is.  He started working on school work again - at one point while he was in the shower I helped him with some research.  Then I took a long shower, did all of the things I needed to do for my skin and such - felt so much cleaner.  Then I went to the store.  I was in and out in half an hour - still spent close to $200 but that is what you get when you have a teenage boy.

Came home and then did a load of dishes and cleaned up the house a bit and cleaned off the bird perch a bit.  Then when hubby got up we watched more bull riding and then watched kitchen nightmares.  Hubby made his excellent Speghetti and sauce with french bread.  We had a great dinner and then finished watching Kitchen Nightmares.  Checked in with my son's homework and made sure he got his laundry done (especially his PE clothes).  I ended up in a lot of pain - I hate that so much, but at least hubby held my hand through the worst of it as I went to sleep.  Hopefully it minimizes so I can have a good day at work tomorrow.


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