Friday, May 27, 2011

I got to work and things were pretty quiet except for a management change.  I was able to enter in a lot of my tickets that I hadn't actually put in but things that I had completed this week.  It did seem though that as soon as one person called 3 to 5 would call in about the same time - but then between the series of calls there was lots of down time.

At the end of my work day - I got a call from my son's school.  It seems when he was hanging out with friends yesterday, they were lighting hand sanitizer on fire - he has now been suspended for a week (the 4 school days of next week).  I was furious.

I called my hubby but he was with a patient - so I called my mom and asked her if she could take him for a week and we talked.  Then I called my son's dad and let him know what happened and then my hubby again.  I called my son and told him to pack so we could get him on the 3:30pm train.

When I got home I saw I had my letter stating that I now officially have my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and get to list M.A.  after my name!  I wish I had more time to savor it but alas - no.  I had to deal with my son and him being a stupid teenage boy.  We got him packed and had him to the train station with 5 min before the train takes off.  He made it on the train.  I went home - filled out the application for the BBS (Board of Behavioral Sciences) for my MFTi (Marriage Family Therapist intern) Registration\License number.  I ran to the UPS store to get my required passport photo for the application and then squeaked in to the post office at 5pm so I was able to send out the application!

I talked to hubby - he is very upset about our son.  And then he came home with pizza after he got a haircut.  We watched Excalibur and ate pizza and then it was bed time.  I did get a chance to IM my son on facebook while he was checking in with friends to get homework assignments.  I am hoping he really does get this and is changing - I so hope so.


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