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Hope & Grief & Reality & Belief

How do you believe in the good of a person and have hope they will make better choices and yet deal with the reality of what they are doing and the grief of what you wish their lives could be.  I struggle so much with my daughter.  I want to believe she can be the person I hope she can be and yet not constantly hurt and grieve when she doesn't make good choices.

No answers - no revelations - today just grieving and wishing I knew how to help her help herself.

Loving myself enough

So as a therapist I am often working with my clients to love themselves and accept themselves - yet I struggle every day with that. 

I have started to be more mindful of my eating and learning to trust myself and my body's feeling  I am walking more not just for the exercise but to relax and enjoy nature.  I am mediating more which is helping me calm myself.

Today I actually left my phone in my car while I was getting my nails done so I could relax and treat myself well.

Old Moon\Full Wolf Moon or Full Moon after Yule or even Ice Moon

I am focusing inwardly on ideas and ways to grow my practice and to be more connected with friends, family and community.  I am also taking time to work on myself.

The First Full Moon of 2015 - I feel the new energy pulsing - I am feeling positive energy - hopefully soon my hours will be approved so I can start my exams.  I am nervous but trying to remain positive.