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Green Corn Full Moon or Grain Full Moon

Green Corn Full Moon or Grain Full Moon is the 2nd moon after the Summer Solstice.  We are in full swing of getting things ready for the harvest.  We are harvesting some of our crops and seeing how good our intentions are and getting other crops ready to harvest.

Not a lot of time yet to enjoy our bounty as we still have a lot to do - but we are starting to see what our hard work has given us.  For me, I am enjoying my son's maturation and independence - my new career and being my authentic self.  Coming up with more ideas for my practice and starting to feel better about the direction of my health.  I am try to only look at this moment and near future and not obsess about the far future.  Hopefully the harvest will be good.

Oh and info on tonight's "blue moon"

When I was little my grandparents often had a Farmer's Almanac around.  There were all kinds of interesting things in it.  One summer as I was reading the almanac I found something about aB…

Becoming Me!

Today I became closer to the ME that I want to be.  I got my hair colored again and this time I went about 70% purple instead the about 15% last time.  I LOVE IT!  It FEELS like me.  I am learning to just be what I want to be no matter what anyone else says.

Something so simple and yet so hard.

Laughter is the best medicine

So today my son had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out which meant they put him under full anesthesia.
He was so very fun to watch before and after his surgery.  He was loopy and silly.  
He is not in this video series but this is very similar to the things he was doing:
So not only was he fun to watch, but I had a chance to really sit and talk to his wonderful girlfriend of over a year.  And then I handed the torch over to her - she is going to take care of my baby boy who is all grown up.  Such an interesting day.

Taking care of my health

So a couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  The worst part is my body seems to be producing the glucose that I am not able to deal with.  I am now on an extremely low-carb diet - under 50 grams of carbs a day (at least most days).  I also just a couple weeks ago bought a fit-bit to try to push myself to increase my exercise.  I have had to struggle to learn how to not emotionally eat.  I did not realize how much food was a comfort.  In the middle of the night I often have panic attacks and before I would get up and eat something - now I struggle to find healthier options.

I am starting to learn how to cook more interesting food low carb so that is good.  Trying new things and organizing my life.  I also like Just Dance 2 on the wii as the weather is so hot here that is really my only easy way to exercise inside.

Missing my daughter

Everyday I think of her.  Everyday I hope and pray that she will realize the destructive path she is on and ask for help to make changes.  She is smart, creative, stubborn (like her mom), beautiful and always my precious daughter.  I wish I could help her, but every time I do it is just enabling.  I wish I could hold her and keep her safe - but every time I do she hurts me.  She is a beautiful rose with thorns.  My heart aches for my daughter.  She is so hurt she cannot believe in herself.

Full Hay Moon

The Full Hay Moon is also sometimes called Thunder Moon.  It is the first moon after the Summer Solstice.  As the name implies it is when we can harvest hay.  At this time it is a good to start focusing on what we will do with our harvest and how best to harvest the fruits of our labor.  That last sentence may seem backwards but you must first know what you want to do with your fruits  - to know how to harvest.  For example if something did not work out like you wanted, it might be best to learn from it and use it as fertilizer for the next set of crops.  Maybe the fruit just wasn't so sweet so maybe you will dry it instead of canning it.  This lets you know how you will go about harvesting it.

This year I am on my cruise during this full moon.  The full moon is so beautiful upon the ocean.  I am having time to think and to start figuring out what and how I want to do with my career, my future and path.  I am starting to look for small little jobs to help supplement my …