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New Year's Eve - My 42nd Birthday - A new calendar year

What a great fireworks display!  We really enjoyed watching this (we were not there of course).
I had a great birthday going to The Old Spaghetti Factory for an early dinner and relaxing with my hubby.  I got a beautiful calendar..
I am excited to start a new calendar year and to start exercising more!  Happy New Year!

Yule - Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice otherwise known as Yule.  My hubby, son and I celebrate it as our main winter holiday.  We still have Christmas stockings on Christmas morning but today is when we each give each other thoughtful or handmade presents.

I enjoy Yule because it lets us get away from the hectic Christmas season.  We plan ahead because we know there is not last minute Christmas Eve shopping for us.

This year our family Christmas Gathering also was on Yule.  We had a wonderful time and I found that my allergy shots are really working as I did not need to take any allergy medicine or inhalers while at my brother's house where he has cats that previously had sent my allergies through the roof.
I brought rolls, mashed potatoes and a Yule Log cake for dessert.

We came home and celebrated Yule privately.  Each of us liked our gifts and were thrilled at how well each of us knew each other. 

We will gather and eat dinner.  Laugh and joke with seasonal music playing in the bac…

Full Moon Before Yule or Long Night Moon or Full Oak Moon

Full Oak Moon is the full moon before Yule. 
The oak is a symbol of strength and eternity.
When the winter is in full reign over the Earth, it is important to remember the oak’s endurance. To survive the trials of winter, people must find within themselves the oak’s great strength.

It is important at this time of year that roots are pushed deep into the Earth so you can survive through the storms - no wonder it is a time of family gatherings and sharing of resources (Thanksgiving, Holiday events and such) - we need our families and they help us find our inner strength when the world around us seems brutally cold.