Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today was a busy and chaotic day at work.  A major roll out happened after I left work yesterday and I had a huge amount of rewriting to do on the two wiki's that I manage.  Things did not seem very thought out and there was a lot of holes in information.  By around lunch time, I got most everything caught up.  My poor co-worker struggled with her computer not working properly for a couple of hours this AM - everything just had felt rushed, frustrating and overwhelming.  I was glad when everything chilled out a bit.

My plan was to go home and actually read and enjoy doing NOTHING since I had done so much with the garage.  But when I came home, the bird cage smelled and needed cleaning, so I cleaned it.  My son called and he hung out with some friends at school until 6pm.  I did a couple more chores and then when I settled down to read - my daughter's therapist called.  Between the conversation with her and planning for family therapy on July 2nd and then talking to my daughter - the rest of the afternoon quickly sped by.  Before I knew it my hubby was home.  I updated him on plans with my daughter and he was good with it.

On July 2nd the therapist will bring my daughter up this way and I will meet them at the eye doctor's place so we can get her glasses.  After getting that done, we will head to our house where we will have family therapy and then my daughter will go back to her group home.

So we ate dinner and then watched some Big Bang Theory and Saturday Night Live.  Then time for bed.


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