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Monday, May 30, 2011

I got up and headed down to Michaels to replace the broken frame - that was quick and easy - it took no more than a couple of minutes.  I came home and quickly replaced the previously broken frame and put the picture back on the wall.  Then I read and watched tv for a little bit and then checked on my hubby to see what he wanted to do for the day.

Hmm what a nice surprise - he was in a very loving and passionate mood - something that having kids around usually hinders - so it was nice.  Then we ate lunch, watched some tv and took a nap. 

I did my laundry and just relaxed - what a wonderful weekend and time for the two of us - I feel guilty that we had this much fun because my son is in trouble but it has been a long time since we did not have someone in the house or things to do.  This is the first time I did not have school or a 2nd job while I got to be alone with my hubby!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I got up and took a shower.  I wanted to buy a frame for a piece of art I bought my hubby in September so I could hang it - but the artwork had fallen behidnd the dresser.  Since I had cleaned the garage, I remembered where I found a grabber and I went and got it.  I was able to pull out the dresser enough to grab the artwork with the grabber so I could take it with me and find a good frame.  What was really amazing is this was about 2 feet from my sleeping hubby and he never even woke up.  Then I headed out to go shopping.  First to Pet Smart to get our bird some treats and then to Michaels where frames were on sale so I went to buy a couple of them.

I got everything and came home.  One frame I bought was to replace a broken frame in our living room - so I took the picture down with the broken frame and started to  unwrap the new frame - but the new frame was broken - I decided to go back first thing Monday morning and get it replaced.  So I worked on the piece of artwork - matted it…

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So I woke up this morning and felt both lazy and guilty.  I IMed my mother to see how my son was doing - she said he seemed like he really took everything to heart.  I feel guilty having my family teach my son a lesson - shouldn't I be doing that?  Yet, when I was a teen, my poor mom could not say anything that would make a difference.  I am hopeful that this hits home and is his AH HA moment, and yet scared to even hope for that.

I turned myself around once when I got caught and had to go to continuation school, yet that was me.  I wish parenting was easier - I feel like I have no answers...

I got my nails done and then kicked back at home watching some TV.

My son went to my brother's house to do yard work.  He worked pretty hard before it started raining and then my brother basically talked my son into cutting his hair - this was HUGE.  My son has very long hair and now it has been cut.  It took him 3 years to grow his hair that long - maybe this will be something that helps…

Friday, May 27, 2011

I got to work and things were pretty quiet except for a management change.  I was able to enter in a lot of my tickets that I hadn't actually put in but things that I had completed this week.  It did seem though that as soon as one person called 3 to 5 would call in about the same time - but then between the series of calls there was lots of down time.

At the end of my work day - I got a call from my son's school.  It seems when he was hanging out with friends yesterday, they were lighting hand sanitizer on fire - he has now been suspended for a week (the 4 school days of next week).  I was furious.

I called my hubby but he was with a patient - so I called my mom and asked her if she could take him for a week and we talked.  Then I called my son's dad and let him know what happened and then my hubby again.  I called my son and told him to pack so we could get him on the 3:30pm train.

When I got home I saw I had my letter stating that I now officially have my Master of Art…

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today was a busy and chaotic day at work.  A major roll out happened after I left work yesterday and I had a huge amount of rewriting to do on the two wiki's that I manage.  Things did not seem very thought out and there was a lot of holes in information.  By around lunch time, I got most everything caught up.  My poor co-worker struggled with her computer not working properly for a couple of hours this AM - everything just had felt rushed, frustrating and overwhelming.  I was glad when everything chilled out a bit.

My plan was to go home and actually read and enjoy doing NOTHING since I had done so much with the garage.  But when I came home, the bird cage smelled and needed cleaning, so I cleaned it.  My son called and he hung out with some friends at school until 6pm.  I did a couple more chores and then when I settled down to read - my daughter's therapist called.  Between the conversation with her and planning for family therapy on July 2nd and then talking to my daughter…

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today was a wonderful day.  I feel like I got so much accomplished.  First when I came into work, I had an email from my husband's best friend (ex-girlfriend) and we started emailing back and forth.  She has offered to help me help my hubby deal with some issues - she has better ways of being able to help him so that was great!  Work was slow.  After I got off work I mailed my brother's bday package.  Then I went home.  Since it was a cool and rainy day, I was able to really work in the garage and I got it mostly clean.  Yes I need to organize it and keep going through each of the boxes but as you can see from the before and after photos, I got the floor cleaned up and now the workout equipment can be setup.  The quality of the photos is poor but it gives a general idea.  Then I took a shower and felt so drained so I took a nap.  I woke up when hubby called and he came home and made dinner.  We ate and laughed - he was impressed with the garage and then I went to relax in the …

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It is amazing that when you get more than 3 hours of sleep that the early morning hours are not quite so bad.  Yea I am still groggy but I have been getting to work before 5:30am every morning and don't feel like a walking zombie anymore.  So I got to work, and I just couldn't seem to really focus on doing wiki stuff - I got some stuff done but struggled a lot. 

I got off work and talked to my mom, bought honey and lemon juice for chicken tonight but forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer -oops!

I got home and finished the couple of boxes I had left - shredded A LOT of paperwork and filled up a large garbage bag.  I got through the 5 boxes on top of the ones left from yesterday and it is really making a dent.  It is supposed to be pretty cool tomorrow so I hope to get a lot done IN the garage like organizing.  I probably won't have everything done by Thursday BUT I do hope to have the floor cleared by Thursday night. 

Hubby called and I cleaned up and took a showe…

Monday, May 23, 2011

Got up and was actually pretty awake.  Hubby had so nicely packed up left overs for my lunch so I grabbed them and headed to work.  Work was good, go nearly everything out of my queue and will now be able to work more on the main wiki. 

Talked to my mom while driving home, picked up a pack of 10 bankers boxes for working on the garage.  Got home, stripped the bed and ran 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the master bathroom and started working on the garage.  Some of the boxes have lots of paper that I need to sort between garbage and shredding - I ended up with a big bag of garbage and a box of shredding that I didn't get to.  I only got through 3 of the 5 boxes I planned on - so I will have quite a bit to cover tomorrow to stay on track.  I really want to have the garage done this weekend so I can have hubby setup all of the weight equipment.

Hubby called and so then I cleaned up my sorting area and made dinner.  We had a great dinner and then watched the last bull riding for the nex…

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another pretty quiet day.  I got up and made my son and I a skillet of eggs and veggies - I made it into a breakfast burrito for me and he ate just as is.  He started working on school work again - at one point while he was in the shower I helped him with some research.  Then I took a long shower, did all of the things I needed to do for my skin and such - felt so much cleaner.  Then I went to the store.  I was in and out in half an hour - still spent close to $200 but that is what you get when you have a teenage boy.

Came home and then did a load of dishes and cleaned up the house a bit and cleaned off the bird perch a bit.  Then when hubby got up we watched more bull riding and then watched kitchen nightmares.  Hubby made his excellent Speghetti and sauce with french bread.  We had a great dinner and then finished watching Kitchen Nightmares.  Checked in with my son's homework and made sure he got his laundry done (especially his PE clothes).  I ended up in a lot of pain - I hat…

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not a lot to say - it was a quiet, relaxing day.

I got up and caught up on blogging.  I cuddled with my hubby (he is so cute when he is sleeping - lol ok to me he is cute all of the time.)  Got my son up and had him start working on school work.  When hubby got up we watched some bull riding.  I made burritios and tacos for lunch and we decided on chicken and artichokes for dinner.  We caught up on the rest of our shows - saw the season finale of CSI and Big Bang Theory and Kentucky Fried Movie.  We enjoyed it and eventually after lots of talking, joking and such we went to bed - such a nice quiet day and so needed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Went to work.  A bit frustrated that my boss gave me several tickets  that were another co-workers tickets, when he is an administrator for that system and I am not, but I emailed an engineer and figured out most of them myself and eventually got all tickets given to me finished.  My big thing though is I finished the Help Desk Self Service Wiki!  Well it is never really finished because people will add to it but it is completed for now except a picture I am waiting for.  I am pleased with the results - now onto creating the wiki for the Service Desk site to help people with answers.

After work on my way home, I talked to my previous client who had to have her foster-daughter removed and she got the youth pastor to step and and help her and they are presenting her foster-daughter with an agreement on Tuesday that will state what the rules are, how to follow them and what will happen if she doesn't.  I am amazed by this woman - she is a wonderful lady to be doing this.  Then I got …

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I got up and went to work.  It was a pretty good day at work... I am making real progress at updating wikis and getting things done.  I definitely came back with more energy.  I got off of work and came home.  I switched into my work clothes and then started cleaning the garage.  I broke down some more boxes and started organizing things to have more room to work.  I AM ACTUALLY SEEING PROGRESS!  I believe within a month (hopefully less) we will be ready to set up the workout equipment.  More shredding and throwing things away.

My son decided to go see a friend in a play so he went.  Hubby brought home Subway for all of us and then he and I watched some more bull riding.  My son called to be picked up and asked if we could take his friend (who was in the play) home.  My hubby of course did as his family is the one who took my son in for 2 weeks while my daughter was home and we could not have them in the same house together.  They got back home - and my son ate while we watched the en…

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So I got up and got going (I am liking being able to have my next day's clothes hanging - it worked well).  When I went into the kitchen I saw that in one of my hubby's late night excursions that he had gotten a new crock pot!!  Then I headed off to work.

Work was pretty good - busy at times and slower at others.  I am keeping up pretty well and even being able to design some websites which I kind of enjoy doing when I am not under the gun.

I got a call from the mechanic - the horrible noise when turning left is a broken strut - the whining noise when turning is the powersteering going out - no one can get a replacement or rebuild of my speedometer console - so a used one had to be located - and replacing my door locks so they work is going to take a lot of labor - nearly $3K all together - but I love my car and it is 15 years old and still going strong except for this - so I approved it knowing hubby would most likely agree with my decision and even if he doesn't it is my…

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I got up this morning and when I went into the kitchen I saw that my hubby had done the dishes (there were a lot and they were going to be tough to clean) so my day started off on the right foot.  I headed to work.  Work was busy but it feels good to be productive.  As usual there were some tensions with some management but overall not a bad day.  At lunch I made a call to the place where we take the cars to and when I called he knew exactly who I was (not sure if that is a bad thing) and when I asked if I brought my car in around 4pm if he would be able to have someone give me a ride he said yes.

After work I talked to my mom while driving home and cleaned out my car and then took it to the shop.  I told him all of the work I wanted done and then he had a mechanic drive me home.  When I got home I ran the last load of dishes and worked on getting rid of several months of recycling in the garage and the kitchen.

I finished cleaning up the living room - took care of the bags of stuff …

Monday, May 16, 2011

I went out to my car this morning and tried to unlock it (I always have to unlock the passenger's side because the driver's side lock is broken and the sliding door's lock doesn't work either) and now the passenger's lock no longer works - it felt like someone tried to break into it but since it is dark out I could not tell.  I then unlocked the back and unlocked the rest of the doors from there.  I headed to work.  It was a pretty good day at work - I got a lot done and am keeping my stuff pretty caught up.  I got a text from my hubby that he is hating his job\boss because now they are complaining about the overtime - they always seem to complain about something.

I headed home and talked to my mom for a bit and then picked my son up from school - school was out but he had a headache and didn't feel like walking home.  I got home, wrote a list of stuff for grocery shopping including our propane tank and went shopping.

I replaced the propane tank, got groceries …

Sunday, May 15, 2011

As usual my meds to help my pain in my body, have the nasty side effect of a migraine.  I woke up, feeling like someone was stabbing my eyes from inside my head with an ice-pick.  I took some migraine meds, sat up for awhile, tried to get a few things done, and then tried some more meds will relaxing in my bedroom.  I kept working on my son to get up and to do some reading since he has a report due in less than a week, but he kept dawdling.  Finally I was able to get him up, fed, showered and dressed just in time to take him for his call time for his last performance.

On my way back from dropping him off, I stopped at 2 Target stores but none of them had a purse similar to mine that the strap broke.  Hubby will get my old one down from the boxes on the shelf in my closet until I can get my purse repaired.  I got home, hubby was talking about his update on his friend and I suddenly realized we needed to leave right then to make it in time for the performance - a quick change of clothes…

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I woke up Saturday AM and caught up with my blogging since Blogger had been in read only mode for a few days.  I ate a little something and then headed out to get my nails (toes and fingers) done.  My body had been stiff and hurting terribly - I had hoped the massage chair at the salon would help.  Well it did a little but I was still struggling.  I came home and both of the books I had ordered (my son's tom sawyer and huckleberry fin book and my graphic novel) came.  I chatted with the guys for a bit then told my son to focus on reading (he he - I look like a concerned mom and yet all *I* wanted to do was read my graphic novel so if I pushed him to focus on reading it gave me the ability to read - sneaky but worth it).  I read it and so very much enjoyed it.  I was a quick read (a couple of hours) but worth it.  It showed things from a different perspective from the other book (Outlander) that I read and it had been ages since I read a graphic novel.  That done - hubby and I chat…

Friday, May 13, 2011 - Friday the thirteenth and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED - LOL

So I groggily got up and went into work.  I got to spend a bit with my co-worker getting these computers for execs done.  Then one of the engineers and I went to install them.  Lots of cleanup work and both of us being OCD and making sure everything was perfect for Monday.  I stayed a little late trying to get everything cleaned up.  Monday should start off good - everything is ready for the new execs.

I came home, started a load of laundry, did a load of dishes and then pain slowed me down - I hate that my mind and my intentions are so far ahead of my body that balks at everything I do by throwing pain at me.  So I sat down for a bit to watch some tv and catch up on email (if I cannot physically multitask then at least I can mentally multitask) - then my son comes in with a bicycle he found on the sidewalk.  I called my hubby to make sure I was thinking clearly and that we were on the same page - we were  and I called the police to pick up the bike so if it is stolen it has a chance …

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So I psyched myself up today to get as much done as I can and work by myself  from 5:30am to 6:30pm - and as I started work - a call came in that my co-worker would be coming in a few hours!  I was thrilled - if all worked well I would get off on time or near it and have a relaxing day at home!  She came in and we got to talk and work on things together.  I liked that and it is so much better than talking to myself all day - LOL.

So I got to leave on time (well just a little bit late) and then I headed out I talked to some of my friends on the way out of the building and then headed home.  I got home and started a file backup of my hubby's computer - it continued until it finished at nearly bedtime but I feel much better now knowing that all of our data is backed up.

I talked with my son and worked a bit on cleaning the dining room and a bit on the living room.  I had done dishes when I left in the AM so things are looking good. 

After we ate my hubby's wonderful chili we watc…

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I finally got into the Zen of things at work.  I completed many tasks and spent a lot of time getting things out of other people's queues because mine was empty.  Not long before I was going to leave we got a call a co-worker would not be in and I said I could take the shift - so Thursday would be a really long day by myself, but I am ready for it, although would be missing the talking with my co-worker.  I came home and replaced my hubby's cd drive and started making an image of it (his computer acts so very weird and sometimes needs a hit or a kick to start it up - some day the HD may fail and I want to have a backup of it so we could just replace the HD.  I also will do a file backup so if the motherboard ever fails we at least will have the data.  It was slow over 4.5 hours to do the image but that is ok - at least it got done.  I took my son to choir and came home. 

My hubby came home, we talked and relaxed together until it was time for him to pick up my son from choir a…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So work was better today - a bit quieter and now that I have everything down pretty well, I was able to start knocking out some calls and even able to start fixing things up that I know others had gotten behind on or were not able to do.  The day went pretty fast - but I did have a chance to make a phone call to a paintball park and was able to arrange for my son's 16th bday at the park and during lunch I created is invitations and got everything arranged.  At just over $320 it seemed a bit expensive but then they told me it is for 9am-4pm - 8 people - so that is pretty good and I told some of the guys at work and they told me since it includes rentals, lunch and 3000 paint balls it is a WONDERFUL deal so I feel good and I know my son will really enjoy his 16th bday in about a month - how in the world did I become a mom to a 16 year old (almost) young man???

I got home - started a load of dishes and started dinner and then finished printing out rules and directions for the party i…

Monday, May 9, 2011

First day back at work - BLAH!  It was crazy, busy and frustrating.  I think that Murphy's Law was running in full force today starting at work and then continuing at home.  So crazy things at work is like my co-worker nicely goes into the Fab to check on a reported monitor failure - he takes a monitor with him - that monitor also does not seem to be working so I grab another one and test it - it starts to work then it fails too - finally this monitor works.  I had an account to create for a new user and everything that I tried to do ran into issues - first I did not have the right info - then it was trying to find out who could give me the info - then it was that his email wouldn't work even after getting a senior engineer to work on it - (that one turned out to be that he worked at our company and left in 03 and he was still in the terminated email addresses so he had to be removed from there to get him to work.)

I did manage to get through all of my email message and reset …

Sunday, May 8, 2011

So today I got up - took my meds, talked to my mom and got the guys up.  We headed out around 11am.  Got to the highland games - so nice - great weather - coolish except in the sun.  I did get a bit of a sunburn on my back - probably because I am so fair AND the meds.  Hee hee I guess I got some vitamin D that I am so deficient on.  Anyway - bought a beautiful necklace for myself, bought a mother's day gift for my mom and STRONGLY HINTED to my son that this jewelry box that looks like a stack of books is what I would love - he was smart and got it for me.  We stayed until closing.  I enjoy the out doors soo much and the games always amaze me.  There were great vendors too.

We came home - I checked my email and then we decided to catch up on shows.  I ate pizza and we watched CSI, Bones, Big Bang Theories and Kitchen Nightmares together.  I so enjoy the quiet relaxing time with my family.

Now hubby is off to pick something up at the store and I am getting ready for my 1st day back …

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I got up around 8:30am - I am struggling with this one med that requires me to take on an empty stomach (ie 2-3 hours after last eating) and then I have to wait 1 hour after I take it to eat.  So I quickly took my meds and then realized I could not do the post office run because I lost the address I wrote down for the select comfort return - so I called them - got the info and headed down to the post office.  I mailed off my bras (so my mom could do my last one), my daughter's stuffed animal and blanket she got from her birth family so she could do therapy with them. 

Got back home - and now I could eat so I did.  Then back to bed for a bit to cuddle with my hubby.  Checked in with my son and we started working on birthday plans and my brother's birthday present.  Then it was time for him to get ready for sound check for the Jammies.  I dropped him off and came home.  I continued to work on my brother's preset and finished it up - now just have to have my son approve of it…

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blech - YUCK!  I was just getting to write this - yes at about 11:30pm when we heard squeaks and squeals coming from the back yard and for us that means we have been skunked!!!  I quickly jumped up and closed the bathroom window (we have no ventilation and so I had it open when I took my shower - my hubby jumped to his station and shut down the heating\AC system so hopefully since they were spraying right at the damn thing we ....BLAH!  It happened again - this time they sprayed right outside of our window - I put my laptop down and went into the living room to get away from the smell.  I got bored and put on Pretty Woman - hubby watched it with me and eventually we went to bed with the smell lessened around 2am....

Now as for what happened during the day - I got up and had a 9:15 eye appointment to check on whether or not I have glaucoma - since the warning signs are there - well after having my eyes dilated and such - I do not have it !!!  YEA!!!  So I went home.

Hubby had said nigh…

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I had a hard time sleeping last night with weird dreams.  This morning I just could not get going.  Finally getting up around 9:30am.  I shredded and organized - finally got our closet done and was able to start really organizing our room - I still have a bit to go but I am making progress.  I got the hard drives for my son but after spending several hours making an image and then it said it could not put the image on the 2 tb drive - probably need later version of ghost.  I got a call earlier in the afternoon to go see the eye doctor about glaucoma which will be at 9:15am tomorrow and then to see my daughter at 4pm for therapy.

I took my son to choir and hubby picked him up - we had pigs in blankets for dinner.  A nice day for all - making progress although slow on our house - I did not get as much done as I was hoping during my vacation but still better than nothing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nothing really exciting today.  I found a shredder and grabbed all of the paperwork from all over the bedroom and started sorting it, filing it and shredding what we do not need in the living room while watching all of the Judge shows.  First thing in the AM I did look at my son's computer to find out what type of hard drive he could have - he can have a SATA so I ordered a backup 2 tb usb drive and an internal 2 tb hd from his computer.  I will get those on Friday so this weekend I should be able to get his computer running better.  I did have updates running and defrag running most of the day on his computer while I was organizing paper.

When my hubby came home we talked for a bit then he got TacoBell for dinner and then we watched Bugs Bunny Cartoons - I love those and a few 2 and a half men.

Then off to bed for the boy while I write updates to my blog.

Tomorrow I hope to finish my room so I can start working on the garage (so much of our garage has bedroom stuff that never got…

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I was so nervous about going to see this doctor.  My experience with doctors has been up and down.  My last several primary doctors have been rude and do not listen to me.  I want to be part of my health care team - my other doctors get that (endocrinologist, neurologist etc.).  My last one insisted that getting gastric bypass would solve all of my problems.  Even though I told him it would not and I had been extensively tested for that he would tell me every problem I had - was my weight - my allergies, my sinus migraines and would not treat me with respect.  Then I went and saw an obgyn for my pap last year and she literally made me walk out crying which is pretty hard to do.  She was completely shocked that I was married recently as she made a comment that most women let themselves go after many years of marriage and that my weight was just because I didn't care.

So needless to say I was scared.  The past several years I have been letting my health go a bit while I focused on w…

Monday, May 2, 2011

I was so not looking forward to today but it turned out not to be so bad.  I had my ipod on calming music.  The hygienist doing my cleaning was pleasant although my ultra sensitive teeth hurt a bit but my smile is much whiter.  The dentist was awesome again - any time my hand flinched he would stop and ask if I needed more local anesthetic and then would give it to me - he paid such close attention.  3 times we had to stop but 3+ hours later and I was done.  I went home and ate the soft food I had bought just before I went to the appointment.

I finished my book!  I will continue with the series after I read the 9th in a series that I have been reading for many many years who a good friend of mine suggested.  It is part of the Young Wizard series and it started off being written in the 80s and now this is the 9th! 

After dinner I ended up starting it and I loved how it began.  I am really going to enjoy this.

Oh I forgot to mention the chamber for my bed came and my son and I put it o…

Sunday, May 1, 2011 - May Day

So this morning my son and I had eye appointments at Lenscrafters.  The people there were wonderful and we laughed a lot.  While I had my eyes checked my son picked out his frames.  The only problem they found with me is that my eyesight has gotten worse but heck I am almost 40.  The doctor was worried about glaucoma and gave me a referral to take to my primary doctor.  Then I couldn't find more comfortable frames than the ones I already had so I got the same ones.

While we waited for our glasses to be made, my son and I ate at Johnny Rockets and listened to the oldies.  I got to say it was really nice to have a nearly 16 year old boy enjoying 40s and 50s music with me.  He had lots of girls looking at him.  We laughed and talked and then walked around a bit before getting our glasses and heading home.

At home my hubby told us he had talked to his best friend and updated us on how things were going.  Then we headed out to an early dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and we had a g…

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I woke up and went to pick up my LaZboy chair.  I got it and came home.  I came into my bedroom and pulled out my laptop for a bit and then cuddled with my hubby.  I must have been really tired because it was nearly noon when I woke up again.  I checked on my son - he was in bed with his ipod touch.  Hubby and I discussed going out to eat to old spaghetti factory, but when I checked in with my son, I found out he had not done any homework but had been playing with his ipod touch for several hours.  So I told him he needs to do his homework.  Meanwhile I set Eye Doctor appointments for him and I on Sunday at 11am. 

Hubby and I ate left over pizza and watched bull riding which was fun.  Then Kitchen Nightmares - Chef Gordon may be a chef but he is also a therapist.  I was touched at how much he works with people and uses psychology.  Actually I was thinking he is more effective than most therapists - solving major family issues in a week.  It was amazing to see him heal a family and a r…