Monday, May 30, 2011

I got up and headed down to Michaels to replace the broken frame - that was quick and easy - it took no more than a couple of minutes.  I came home and quickly replaced the previously broken frame and put the picture back on the wall.  Then I read and watched tv for a little bit and then checked on my hubby to see what he wanted to do for the day.

Hmm what a nice surprise - he was in a very loving and passionate mood - something that having kids around usually hinders - so it was nice.  Then we ate lunch, watched some tv and took a nap. 

I did my laundry and just relaxed - what a wonderful weekend and time for the two of us - I feel guilty that we had this much fun because my son is in trouble but it has been a long time since we did not have someone in the house or things to do.  This is the first time I did not have school or a 2nd job while I got to be alone with my hubby!


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