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Full Flower Moon

This moon shares its energy with other May holidays — but it has a deeper meaning, too.
Much like the Pagan sabbat Beltane and the more secular May Day, Flower Moon observations revolve around the bounty and beauty of nature this time of year (hence the moon's name). If you wish, you can absolutely spend this lunar phase celebrating nature and keep it as simple as that — after all, just taking a walk can be a full moon ritual. That said, this is also a great time to focus on the changes going on in your personal life, rather than the outside world. For me this year, it is really learning to take care of myself and look to my future health.  On May 1st I started going to Rock Steady Boxing and it is helping me a lot.

Beltane 2017

Beltane is a time of Expression - it is time to express your intentions.  You have planned and created and now it is time to really work on your intentions.  This year I am seeing the possibilities of my new practice/career and need to keep working on it to make it thrive.

My Seeds of Intent
1.  Continue to work on my health
Made an appointment with my doctor to work on glucose levels and started Rock Steady Boxing.
2.  Start balancing my case load so it is not overwhelming
Turned down a client that would have taken too much energy - accepting more transgender clients.
3.  Continue to follow the path the Goddess has put in front of me especially when it comes to being a therapist. 
Doing more to celebrate the Sabbats and using aromas in the house along with seasonal decorations.
4.  Continue to process letting go of my daughter.
Keep working on my emotions.
5.  Be good to myself.
Not getting so stressed out when the house is not cleaned and organized.
6.  Focus on organizing…