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Full Hay Moon

The Full Hay Moon is also sometimes called Thunder Moon.  It is the first moon after the Summer Solstice.  As the name implies it is when we can harvest hay.  At this time it is a good to start focusing on what we will do with our harvest and how best to harvest the fruits of our labor.  That last sentence may seem backwards but you must first know what you want to do with your fruits  - to know how to harvest.  For example if something did not work out like you wanted, it might be best to learn from it and use it as fertilizer for the next set of crops.  Maybe the fruit just wasn't so sweet so maybe you will dry it instead of canning it.  This lets you know how you will go about harvesting it.

Litha / Summer Solstice / Beginning of Summer

Litha - Summer Solstice - The Beginning of summer.  This is the longest day of the year and now the nights will lengthen.  This is a time of manifestation.  We are seeing what the hard work on our intentions look like.

This year my intentions are:
1.  To become more physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.
2.  To focus on helping my son into adulthood and being present with him and understanding of his limitations and abilities.
3.  To find a way to become a therapist in the direction in which the Goddess leads me.
4.  Continue to let go of the past and learn to live in the present and not to spend too much time obsessing about the future. 

So 1.  I am becoming my physically healthy.  I walked a 5K for NAMI and have now focused on getting my blasted allergies under control.  I am seeing a doctor regularly and my blood levels are mostly normal.  I am much more mentally and emotionally healthy.  I constantly work on myself and allow myself time to process issues instead of stuffin…