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Full Milk Moon

It is often called the Milk Moon because baby goats and calves have just started to be born so cow and goat milk is plentiful.   It is a time when planting is the main focus and birth and new life is plentiful.

I am taking this time to continue to put energy into my new practice to nurture it with the ideas and sustenance I have been receiving.  It will take time and hard work but it will pay off eventually.

I am also taking this time to nurture my new relationship with my son (since we are fully moving to an adult relationship - exciting and scary at the same time).

Beltane /May Day 2014

Beltane is a time of Expression - it is time to express your intentions.  You have planned and created and now it is time to really work on your intentions.  This year I am seeing the possibilities of my new practice/career and need to keep working on it to make it thrive.

My Seeds of Intent
1.  To become more physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.
*  I have been eating a bit better and am focusing on many things such as allergy shots so I can breathe better and also some female issues that have to be dealt with.  After that, I will be working on my insulin and glucose issues.

2.  To focus on helping my son into adulthood and being present with him and understanding of his limitations and abilities.
* He is going to be working away from home during the summer which is going to be my first big step in letting him try life on his own.

3.  To find a way to become a therapist in the direction in which the Goddess leads me.
* I am starting to get more phone calls and more new …