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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I got up and went to work.  I called my son on my way to make sure he was up.
I took some more calls.  I still knew very few of the answers without help.  I just feel plain helpless.
Blah!  I am doing my best - I wonder if it will be good enough.

I got off work and went home.  Vegged out.  My hubby brought home dinner and we all watched some TV.  Not much of a day.  I am still tired and sick.  NyQuiling myself to sleep and hoping for a better day.

I did talk to my daughter today - it looks like we will have her on Saturday if she continues to do well.  We think we will take her to a pumpkin farm in Wheatville - it should be fun and distracting to start our visits out of the right foot I hope.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I got up and headed to work.  I called my son to make sure he was up.  I got setup and then they logged me in to take calls.  I struggled a lot.  I was able to answer maybe 3 calls on my own.  I just was so frustrated with myself.  I hate feeling like I don't know anything and really not understanding anything.  I just hope I get the hang of this.

I left work feeling pretty down and overwhelmed.  I headed home - did a couple things and then took my son to choir.  I came home and laid down.  I just wanted to cry.  I am so tired, I am not doing what I want to do, I am struggling to learn, and I am still sick.  I know things will get better.

My hubby picked up my son and we ate dinner.  After dinner I saw my step-dad and posted pictures he took at the graduation so I uploaded them to my facebook and forwarded them to my friends.  I also gave my hubby the info for the house rental in AZ so he can contact our landlords for a good reference.

Maybe tomorrow will be better - I think some …

Monday, October 17, 2011

I got up and headed to work.  I called my son on the way to make sure he was up.  I spent the day getting my computer ready and shadowing phone calls and doing some training.  It kept being planned I would be on the phones but did not work out that way - tomorrow I will start on the phones.  I am nervous and scared and feel totally unprepared for that.

I got home.  I am tired and still coughing.  Got the basics together - fixed dinner.  Watched some tv and went to bed.  I struggled to try to get to sleep - I am so scared, nervous and anxious about taking calls tomorrow.

Sunday, October 16, 2011 - MY GRADUATION DAY!!!!

YEA!  So my graduation day!  I got up nervous and excited and anxious.  I was bouncing around and acting really weird but what can I say I am graduating today!!!!  We left later than planned but my hubby drove and somehow arrived in time.  Not sure what the guys did during the next few hours but I stood around - nibbled a little on food - caught up with my friends and got ready.  We had to take photos.  Between my nerves, standing, climbing stairs and walking up and down ramps my legs were starting to give out but I had awesome friends that were so sweet by walking arm in arm with me part of the way making it look like we were just solid friends joined together in fun.  We sat and listened to an amazing speech.  That our lives can be lived by taking a mom's advice - 1.  Becareful (think before you do something) 2.  Call me when you get there (keep in contact with friends and family - they can be a great support) 3.  Always wear clean underwear (don't air your dirty laundry in …

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I got up and went out shopping.  I had hoped to find nice shoes or a nice outfit for my graduation on Sunday.  I didn't find a nice dress but I did find a nice blouse that I like and it will go well with my long black skirts and I also found a couple nice tops for work.  I still didn't find shoes that I liked.  I went home and talked to my hubby about shoes.  He suggested this one place he knows and we went there.  They were helpful and I found a really nice pair of shoes for my graduation.  Nice black low heeled pumps that have a strap so I shouldn't slip and fall.  I am getting so excited about my graduation and looking forward to going to Rainforest Cafe in SF afterwards.  My parents are going to go to my graduation and my brother and his wife.

I kept my son doing his homework and he finished before the dance - YEA!  He went to the dance and had a good time although his date didn't want to dance so that was a bit frustrating.

I need to get to bed but I am soo excite…

Friday, October 14, 2011

I got up and went to work.  The end of my first week at work.  I cannot believe that after a week I still feel so overwhelmed.  I got a phone call about an interview for next Wednesday.  It is more in my new line of work - casemanagement.  I accept - 1pm on Wednesday - maybe I will get the job and not have to work in technical support.

A few more videos and shadowing people on calls.
I get off work and stop at Round Table Pizza and then Papa Murphy's Pizza since there is no reason my hubby should go all the way the other direction when I pass right by there.

I get home and my hubby get's home not long after me.  We sit and eat pizza and do family movie night.  At last a weekend - I can relax a bit and sleep in - hopefully I can kick this cold before my Graduation on SUNDAY!  I am sooo excited!

My hubby and I stay up talking for awhile.  I feel bad for grounding my son but unsure if I should have said he could go to the dance.  I know how teen girls are so I don't want his …

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I got up and went to work.  I continued to sit in on calls and installations.  I am understanding a few more things but still it is so overwhelming.  The day went fast.  I learned about another product that only a few of the techs have worked with.  I ran through some installations on my own computer.

I headed home from work.  Chatted with my mom.  When I got home I checked my son's grades and saw that my son HAD NOT been turning in homework for Math and he had been lying to me.  I told him he was grounded from the homecoming activities tomorrow.  He would be allowed to go to the dance but otherwise he was grounded while he did his missing homework. 

I let my son's dad know and then I emailed an old teach of mine and let her know how much she had helped me.  Dealing with my son's homework and school work made me remember how hard certain teachers pushed me and how much that helped me doing my Master's degree so many years later.  I went to bed frustrated.  My son has …

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I got up groggy and coughing horribly but I knew I needed to go to work.  I got my son up just before I left.  Today at work I got to sit and shadow a co-worker on calls.  It was interesting.  I still understand very little of it but I was able to at one point know what the answer was.  I hate feeling so overwhelmed.  They are telling me I will be on the phones starting next week and I just feel so dumb.

I wish I felt better because it would be easier to learn if I could get rid of this cold.  I was also panicking because EDD was requiring me to go to a class on finding a job in order to get my several weeks unemployement and I could not get ahold of them to let them know I found a job and because I was working I could not make the meeting.

After work I tried to go to EDD but I was too late.  I got home and we ate, watched a little TV.  My son was excited his Frank the Bunny Costume came and he really liked it.

Finally I went to bed - frustrated and tired.  I feel like I just can'…

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I got up totally unrested and anxious and went to work.  Back to watching videos all day.  I did get to sit in on a couple of call by the guy training me.  Kind of scary since all of the jargon they are throwing around is so foreign to me.  I at least like listening to the guys banter around they seem really nice.

I am also helping label and put stamps on envelopes - at least something I feel like I am helpful with.
I know somehow I will start to understand all of this but for now I feel so overwhelmed I cannot even imagine that all of this will be routine someday.

I got off work and called my son right away to remind him to be ready for me to take him to choir.  I am now checking in with my mom on my way home now but they are usually about to have dinner or having dinner so the timing isn't working as much as I want it to be - but I am talking to her more often than when I was unemployed or working from home.

I rushed home, picked up my son and rushed to drop him off at choir.  T…

Monday, October 10, 2011

I hardly slept and I kept waking up afraid I would miss my alarm.  I got up and made my lunch and left for work.  I arrived early.  They put me in a conference room to do my paperwork.  I did my paperwork and then had to go wandering to find someone to hand it to.  I got to me the co-worker who would train me and and then they had me sit down and watch videos.

I watched training videos on their product ALL DAY.  I was struggling to stay awake.  It was hard to do all day but at least it wasn't too bad.  I headed home.  My first day at my new job down.  The programs seem ok but this is a whole different industry so I am really overwhelmed by the terminology.  It seems like everything is in a different language.  They also told me they expect me on the phones in just a day or two - YIKES!

I made dinner and relaxed with my hubby and son and watched tv.  I tried to force myself to go to bed early but it didn't happen.  So my hubby and I spent awhile talking and trying to find a pla…

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am still coughing and I am so nervous.  I got up and emailed a bit.  I went back and laid down.  I got back up and started picking up the house.  I was tired and nervous and really felt anxious.  I just couldn't get comfortable and struggled to read something I was enjoying.  The day went by like any other.  Chats and encouragement from my friends and my family going out of the way not to upset me.  We had dinner and though I tried to get to bed early I just really couldn't get to sleep.

Really a lot of nothing except being anxious.  I look forward to my first 2 weeks being done with at my job and to start feeling comfortable.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My son spent the night at a friend's house and won't be home until he is ready to go to roller skating this evening at our rink that just reopned.  Hubby and I relaxed quite a bit.  I did a lot of emailing trying to find a place to stay in February for his surgery.  A lady called and she offered us to rent her whole house except her master bedroom.  It has a pool and a hot tub.  She sent pictures and it seems perfect.  She will give me more information in the next day or two so I can send a rental application.

My son came home and rested for a bit and then I drove him to the rink.  Hubby and I just enjoyed the quiet.  I did some reading.  He called when he was ready to be picked up.  He could barely walk because he got such a big blister, but he said he had fun.

We all went to bed not long after that.
I started having problems sleeping.  I am getting so nervous about starting a new job.  I hate starting over again but I just keep trying to look on the positive side - I have a …

Friday, October 7, 2011

I got up and made sure my son got off to school.  I checked my email and responded to a few and then got back in bed and cuddled with my hubby.  I feel so much lighter - I don't feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  My hubby and I got up and we got ready and left.  He drove to SF.  It was a nice drive and we enjoyed our conversation with each other.  We got to his doctor's office and I sat and read.  He was out in a reasonable time - I really didn't notice the time because I was enjoying my book so much.  Then he decided to check in with his other doctor.  At that time I got a call from my son's best friend's dad about scouting stuff and that gave me a chance to ask if my son would be able to stay with him for 2 weeks for my hubby's surgery.  He said no problem.  AWESOME!

I walked into the dr office and only had to sit for a couple of minutes.  My hubby was done.  As we walked out of the office we saw the Blue Angels doing different formati…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I got up and got my son up.  Today I go to the laser hair removal place - I am kind of excited.  I remember not having to shave my face a long time ago after my laser treatmens being able to go without shaving and having peach fuzz!  I hope this works well.

I started the day off looking for vacation rentals in the area of where my hubby will be getting surgery because the cost of a hotel for a month is just too high - in the range of nearly $4K.

I went to the laser place and right after I got out of there, I missed a phone call.  I checked my voicemail and it was from the place I interviewed yesterday at.  I was nervous, I called him back and he took a couple of minutes but then told me I got the job.  I will start on Monday!!! YEA!!!  It is much lower than I had wanted but it is a job.  I will start at $17.50 an hour but there will be room to increase after my 3 month probationary period. 

With that out of the way and the weight lifted I can enjoy a day in SF with my hubby tomorrow.…

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First - Sorry I have been so delinquent in my posts.  Things changed rapidly and then it seemed so daunting to catch up.  I have promised myself I will try to catch up and keep up.  So to anyone reading this - yes I am more than a month behind but I hope shortly to be caught up.

I will continue writing as if I am at the date in the post since I will remember the day as I walk back through my notes.

So here it goes:
I got up.  I hadn't slept well because I was so nervous.  I made sure my son was up.  I went to the interview.  It seemed to go ok, but who knows.  I did something that maybe was foolish but I felt wrong not doing it, I let them know I would need time off at the end of February and beginning of March for my hubby's surgery.  It may keep me from getting the job, but I just didn't want to put them in a bad position in a few months without them knowing.  I still hope I land a therapist job but this doesn't seem bad.  They said I should hear by the end of the we…