Friday, February 12, 2016


I am dreaming of living in a place like this - the thought of seeing whales and hearing the ocean calms me and I hope that I can make this happen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Imbolc - Ground Hog Day - Time to make things happen

Now it is the time of year when we actually start working on our intentions - we plant the seeds - we start actively spending energy to make our seeds of intent grow.

So let's see how I am coming along with each of my intents.

1.  Continue to get healthier and try to get all blood tests into the normal range.
I am back to exercising and now I am doing virtual races which are giving me more incentives.
2.  To increase my speaking and work towards becoming a speaker.
I am probably going to be the pre-license speaker for SVC-CAMFT's Feb training
3.  Continue to follow the path the Goddess has put in front of me especially when it comes to being a therapist.
Found a therapy model called Wisdom Path Parenting and it fits me really well.
4.  Start figuring out how to move from Sacramento.
Hubby and I are now actively looking at our options and we both have an idea of what our next steps are.

I feel more energized than I ever have and feel so good physically, mentally and emotionally.  I look forward to see what this year holds for me.

And here is a lovely song about Imbolc.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Full Snow Moon, Full Hunger Moon, or Full Wolf Moon

This time of year our ancestors struggled to find food, were cold and often struggled to have hope.  This is a good time to focus on what the future holds and to getting through the tough times.  This time of year always seems to be hard for me to get through.  Finances are tough from the holidays, trying to plan for the future and making it through the day, it can be hard to have hope.

This is the time of year that I struggle and usually start to find the my seeds of intent are not going to come out the way I thought they would.  But If I focus on doing what seems right to my gut and focus on moving forward in the direction I feel compelled, I find that my path unfolds as it should.

This is a full moon that I often ask to be shown the way and even if it seems divergent from my original plans, I follow the path that is shown - it always turns out to be the best path for me.

This year I struggle with whether I should continue to build my practice or whether I should work more on being a speaker.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Old Moon\Full Wolf Moon or Full Moon after Yule or even Ice Moon and this year Christmas Full Moo

A time to look inward and draw up your plans for the year.  A time to remember the importance of family and friends and to make sure you priortize for the year.  Remember self-care.

At this time of year I start actively figuring out what I will need for the next year and starting to implement the foundation of what I will be doing.
1.  Continue to get healthier and try to get all blood tests into the normal range. -
Increase my walking and set new goals
2.  To increase my speaking and work towards becoming a speaker. -
work on speaking in public more often - plan training classes
3.  Continue to follow the path the Goddess has put in front of me especially when it comes to being a therapist. - continue to work with my coach on using my spirituality to guide me.
4.  Start figuring out how to move from Sacramento.  - make a plan to start visiting places - consider actually getting a job somewhere.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Yule \ Winter Solstice

Tonight is Winter Solstice otherwise known as Yule.  My hubby, son and I celebrate it as our main winter holiday.  We still have Christmas stockings on Christmas morning but today is when we each give each other thoughtful or handmade presents.

I enjoy Yule because it lets us get away from the hectic Christmas season.  We plan ahead because we know there is not last minute Christmas Eve shopping for us.

This year we had 4 - my son, his girlfriend, my hubby and I.  Each of us liked our gifts and were thrilled at how well each of us knew each other.

We had a nice dinner and dessert (Yule Log).  It was so nice and relaxing.

This is the time of year to start planning how you are going to make your seeds of intent come to fruition.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Forgiveness can free your soul

Forgiveness can free your soul - I have heard this so very often.  A few months ago I chose to go back into therapy to see if I could find a way to forgive my daughter.  Everything came at once - a phone call from a detective about the house break-in and a phone call saying the trial where my daughter is a victim.  This threw me into quite a depression.  Luckily we had a trip to Monterey planned for Thanksgiving weekend and I was really able to relax and let go.

I came back and my friend that is having me go through her coaching program did a deep meditation journey with me and I feel like I was really able to forgive my daughter.  I am so much calmer now and thinking about her doesn't upset me like it did before.

I hope it lasts - still waiting to hear when I will testify in the trial.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Full Oak Moon or Full Moon Before Yule

Full Oak Moon is the full moon before Yule.
The oak is a symbol of strength and eternity.
When the winter is in full reign over the Earth, it is important to remember the oak’s endurance. To survive the trials of winter, people must find within themselves the oak’s great strength.

It is important at this time of year that roots are pushed deep into the Earth so you can survive through the storms - no wonder it is a time of family gatherings and sharing of resources (Thanksgiving, Holiday events and such) - we need our families and they help us find our inner strength when the world around us seems brutally cold.

Tomorrow I head out to the coast with my hubby for some solid one on one time.  I need to keep these roots strong so when I am facing the storms of life (testifying in trails, my bipolar disorder and many other things) I have my roots deeply meshed with my hubby's so I can weather the storm and hang tight and not fall over or break apart.