Lughnasadh - Lammas - First Harvest

Lammas/Lugnasadh Comments 
 Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nə-sə; Irish: Lúnasa; Scottish Gaelic: Lùnastal; Manx: Luanistyn) is a traditional Gaelic holiday celebrated on 1 August in the northern hemisphere and 1 February in the southern. It originated as a harvest festival, corresponding to the Welsh Calan Awst and the English Lammas.  It is also known as Lammas or the First Harvest.

For me this a time of reception.  A time when you get to "receive" the fruits of your harvest from the seeds you planted and tended this year.

Quick note since I have not written about any other sabbats as of yet:
Samhain - October 31/November 1 - Death and Decay - end\beginning new year
Yule\Winter Solstice - around December 22nd - transformation
Imbolc - Around February 1st - intention
Spring Equinox - around March 21st - creation
Beltane - May 1st - Expression
Summer Solstice - around June 21st - Manifestation
Lughnasadh\Lammas - August 1st - reception
Autumn Equinox - around September 21st - preparation

This year I had only three of seeds of intention that I planted.  1.  To continue to support my daughter in every way I could to help her healing.  2.  To support my husband during his lower surgeries.  3.  To continue towards becoming a therapist working with families struggling with RAD.

Well this year it is very hard to feel like I am receiving any fruits of my labor even though I know they are there.

1.  I had to give custody of my daughter to CPS\DHCP (I still have parental rights) and instead I have had to focus on advocating for her and learning to be the best mom possible to her right now even though it is hard.  I am beginning to see that giving up custody was the right thing to do as she will be going to a wonderful place that has equine therapy, canine therapy, and many other therapeutic interventions and it will be out of state.  It will give her more resources than I ever could on my own and hopefully she will make the choice to make use of them and start to heal.  I am also learning that to be the best mom I can be to her means that I have to let her learn her own lessons at her own pace.

2.  I am supporting my hubby through all of his lower surgeries.  It is hard and is teaching a lot to me emotionally and mentally that I didn't know I didn't know.  We have grown closer and we appreciate each other a lot more.  Also because of his pain due to the surgeries we are having to learn other ways of bonding and closeness than sex.

3.  I have to say that I got distracted and frustrated with my work to become a therapist and really did not keep my focus on making my intention grow.  I am starting to now and hopefully I will start the process and if not I have to believe it was meant to be that this year I focus on my own family struggling with RAD and my husband's well being and that I needed the energy from supporting others.

One thing I do know is I have to get back into my spirituality to keep me going in the right direction.  October of last year I made the mistake of going down the wrong path and nurturing a goal that was not positive for me.  I took a job for purely financial reasons that took me away from being able to work as a therapist and despite many warning signs and many negative feelings I kept focusing and spending energy on it.  It took me away from the path I was supposed to be on.  Thankfully, I believe the Goddess decided to redirect me the hard way and I lost that job just in time to focus on my daughter and the court system and my husband and his surgery.  I mean really it is amazing - I lost my job on February 10th, my court date for my daughter was February 23rd and my hubby and I had to drive to AZ for his surgery on February 28th.  When I got back and could focus on other things - I was hit with some more issues from that job - making me realize - I need to follow my heart and soul and not panic as easily and just grab onto something that gives me a horrible feeling (I mean that horrible knot in your gut feeling). 

My hubby has since gotten a raise at his job.  I am focusing on being a "domestic goddess" while looking for the opportunity that will lead me on my correct path.

So sometimes I think the harvest also shows things that have grown that you might not have realized you planted.  I have learned and grown a lot so far this year.  Maybe being the mom, wife and therapist I want to be needed to have those lessons learned.  I really want to continue learning and walking the path that I feel I am called to go down.

This year is special as in my location the Full Moon also falls on Lughnasadh which makes everything I am harvesting and working on have more power.

I can harness some of the Green Corn Moon's (August's Full Moon) fiery energy for my ritual work. This will be a good time to focus on my spiritual and physical health. It's the time to harvest what I can now to put aside for later use. This is the time to determine what sacrifices can I should make today that will benefit my seeds of intention further down the road.

Thank you Mother Earth and Father Sun for this harvest and I will continue to share this harvest with all of those around me.


  1. You can never be sure what is going to grow from your plantings, the best you can do is try to divine the ladies message hidden in her bounty, rarely do we get what we think we planted,


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