My Timeline

My life is a bit confusing even to me at times.  So I have taken a moment to write down my personal timeline to help with reading about some of my musings.  I will keep working on adding to this timeline and linking any blogs to it.

December 31, 1971 - I was born
1972 - growing up
1973 - growing up
1974 - my brother was born (he is my only sibling)
1975 - growing up
1976 - growing up
1977 - Kindergarten
1978 - 1st Grade
1979 - 2nd Grade addition to the house we lived in.  Extra bathroom - got my own room.
1980 - 3rd Grade Found out my dad was cheating on my mom, he left and moved in with my now step-mom.  My mom went back to work and we became latch key kids.
1981 - 4th Grade
1982 - 5th Grade
1983 - 6th Grade
1984 - 7th Grade
1985 - 8th Grade
1986 - 9th Gradde
1987 - 10th Grade
1988 - 11th Grade
1989 - 12th Grade, Met my first husband.
1990 - Graduated June of 1990. Started community college in September.
1991 -
1992 - Bought our 1st house. 
1993 - Got married to my 1st husband December 11.
1994 - Got my AA in Liberal Arts from a community college.
1995 - My son was born on June 14th.
1996 - My adopted daughter was born on January 30th.
1997 - Sold our 1st house - bought our 2nd house
1998 -
1999 -
2000 -  My daughter came to live with us on December 1st.
2001 -  We officially adopted my daughter on December 13th.
2002 -
2003 -
2004 - Panama Cruise with son and 1st husband in February, 1st husband and I split in March, I got an apartment in May - 1st husband jumped into backyard pool and broke his neck and became a quadriplegic on September 11.
2005 - Divorce was finalized in January.  Domestic partnership with my wife in May.
2006 - Kicked my wife out in January due to alcohol abuse and domestic violence - tried to make it work.  Started divorce proceedings.  Met my 2nd husband on December 3rd.
2007 - Divorce with wife final (how is it not considered a marriage but have to get a divorce).  Moved 2 hours away from my family to be with what will be my 2nd husband in May after getting a job near where he lives.  While working full time, went back to school for BA in September.
2008 - Married my 2nd husband on October 31.
2009 - I got my BA in Psychology on April 23, applied to and got accepted to start my MA in Counseling Psychology.
2010 - July 2010 until April 2011 was the busiest time in my life - full time work, full time school, my practicum which was minimum 24 hours a week and dealing with my daughter's out of control behavior.
2011 - I got my MA in Counseling Psychology on April 23Lost my 4+ year job on August 31Got a tech support job I hated on October 10.  I got to go through Graduation on October 16.
2012 - My daughter went into court custody.  I lost the job I hated on February 10.  I relinquished custody (not parental rights) on February 23rd.  On February 28th my hubby's first lower surgery over 12 hours. 


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