Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got to work - a very busy day.  My poor co-worker was in Fab a good portion of the day.  I handled a lot of calls and he handled a lot of bad hardware in the cleanrooms.  While tiring, it felt kind of good to accomplish so much.

I left work and went straight to the store to buy marshmallows and powerdered sugar so I could create fondant for my son's bday party cake.  I got home, it was raining and windy and very weird out.  I started the diswasher and warmed up the marshmallows to start making the fondant.  Loud sirens went off - not like emergency vehicles but air raid type sirens so I turned on the tv and they had an emergency broadcast alert for tornado warnings!  Amazing - never been in one - then the lights flickered and the power shut off (just after I had fully warmed up the marshmallows) I kept myself busy making the fondant in the dark and listening to the sirens.  The wind was picking up and there was lots of rain and hail.  Then I could see a funnel cloud - really trippy - I would have been more worried except it was quite far away.  The power came back on and I kept the tv on to hear what was going on.  A tornado did touch down east of where I was - strange weather. 

I finished making the fondant ad then emptied the dishwasher and prepped the next load of dishes.  I had very little energy and the pain was getting the best of me so I relaxed with my hubby and watched some tv.  Then it was bed time.  Our parrot was definately disturbed by the weather patterns and needed extra attention from my hubby all night long.


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