Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today, I was working by myself for most of the morning.  Luckily it was not too busy - I had lots of things to do that required deep and intense concentration so it was good the phone did not ring constantly.  I was impressed with the stuff I did which gave me positive motivation to try making my son's cake today. 

I drove home.  I started baking right away.  I also scanned my son's homework for him so he could continue to get his studies done.  The skull from Amazon came which I would use as my model - I am trying to make a life size skull cake.  After baking 5 layers, I went ahead and started carving.  I was really starting to get frustrated and felt like I would just have to end up with a basic cake.  Then I took out the fondant and it was rock hard.  Nothing seemed to be going right but I kept trying.  I warmed up the fondant and put it over the cake - what a difference that made - now it looked at least white with kind of the form of the skull and then when I tried to bend the fondant in the eye sockets - the fondant tore - but that ended up being the best part!!!  Suddenly the skull was really taking form.  My hubby came home with a new microwave - ONLY $80!  He saw the cake and said it was amazing.

I took a break and then decided since the party is a paintball party I would put some splats on it.  Here are the pictures:

So I am so thrilled and I think that he will love his cake.  His birthday party is Saturday at a paintball park.  I still cannot believe he will be turning 16 soon!  Hubby was thrilled and impressed with my "mad cake making skills" and I went to bed really thrilled over how well I did.


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