Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arrgghhh - I really need to go to bed earlier - I am sooo tired.  I got up barely enough to stumble to my son's room and make sure he was up.  I went back to bed - my hubby got up on time and I was so dead tired but I forced myself out of bed.  He headed for work.  I stripped the bed and started the laundry.  I was so unfocused today bouncing from one thing to another.  I just don't know what was wrong with me - I felt like I had no direction.  I was able to do several loads of laundry and check several of the websites for jobs, I was able to find an upgrade phone for my son that has what he needs - and then he only had to choose which one (both are free upgrades).  I got my severance check.  Taxes suck - not as much as I hoped left - but at least it should help keep me afloat for awhile - of course the sooner I get a job the more that it can be used for the surgery and not living on.

Tomorrow I will go to an extreme couponing class to learn how to save lots of money - maybe that will help a bit.  I updated a support group about my husband's appointment.  I finished going through my list of group homes so now I will have to work on finding some other place to keep trying to apply.  I did have a cool thing happen - a person from the support group that I am on due to my daughter and me wanting to be a therapist - asked if I would consult with her friend who needed help - she offered to pay me - I am not sure of the boundaries so I said I wouldn't charge her.  The lady called me and I was able to offer her some help.  Hmmm this brings a thought of a job possibility - now I just have to figure out how to do it - we shall see - conference is next week and I can meet with some people and maybe find a job.

My son came home and I helped him with homework.  My hubby came home with Subway - which is good because I just couldn't come up with dinner.  Maybe tomorrow I will have more ideas and energy.  My son continued to do homework.  At 9:17pm my daughter's therapist called to say my daughter had been AWOLed for over 45 min and they were now doing a police report.  She told me if my daughter called to just cater to her and try to find out where she was and then call the group home.  It is nearing midnight and I still haven't heard anything.

My son went to bed a little past 11 and I sat and tried to catch up with my blog - it is getting late and I really do need to get to bed earlier.


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