Friday, September 9, 2011

I got up today - my son was not getting going on time - I finally just had to drive him to school because he was running so late.  I cuddled with my hubby and then he got up and although still hurting was able to go to work.  The company that was hired by my old company as part of the severance package had a orientation meeting on the web.  I did it and then continued working through my list of group homes.  I then got a call from my personal agent with that company and we talked and he gave me homework to do over the weekend and on Monday while I am traveling. 

Amazing how fast the day went by.  My son got home from school - we got all of his stuff together and I then took him to go meet to leave for the camping trip with the Venture Crew.  After I dropped him off (we were late because of horrible traffic) I called my hubby and said since I was close to our favorite pizza place I could pick up the pizza. I did and then got home - he got home shortly after that. 

We watched a few episodes of the Mentalist.  We really enjoyed it and then I was ready to crash.  I was just so tired and worn out from all of this emotional stuff.  I looked at the job sites again and tried to promise myself that this weekend I would take a break. 

So much going on - Sept 11th is Sunday - My hubby's consult is the 12th his 51st bday is the 13th - and the list just goes on and on and on.....


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