Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got up and made sure my son was up and out of the house for school.  I got showered and dressed ready to go to the coupon thing.  I got there early and I called my daughter's therapist to make sure she had come home (since she had AWOLed) and she did.  We talked about how my daughter doesn't even seem to be trying and whether she actually has any empathy.  Then I went into the class and I learned a lot about how to work our neighboring stores, the coupons and ads.  I will have to see how it works.  But so far the computer program they have seems to really help a lot by figuring out the best buys and which stores and which coupons to use.

I left that and headed home.  Talked to a couple friends and played around with the website and program to see what kind of deals I could get - seems like I could cut our grocery bill in half if I really applied myself. 

My son came home from school and did homework.  He wasn't able to get a hold of friends in time so I took him to his crew meeting stopping past In and Out burger which he enjoyed.  Hubby and I enjoyed a nice meal together and relaxed.

My son came home and we all enjoyed a bit of time together and then it was bedtime.


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