Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - My hubby's 51st Bday

So exhausted, I got up at 7am and baked a cake.  I got my son up since he had a doctor's appointment to get his prescriptions under the new health plan.  We went to the doctor's appointment and the doctor was great and did all of his prescriptions with no problem.  I took him to school with him being silly all the way and trying to get me to take him home.  I then got home and asked my hubby what he wanted to eat as it was around 11am.  He decided Taco Bell so I went and got it. We were both so hungry it tasted so good.  It was so nice to relax with him and now that he has decided on the surgery he is in an amazing mood for it being his birthday which he hates.  He then took the parrot into the bedroom to play computer games (the parrot loves to watch the computer while he is playing games) and I decorated his birthday cake.  Which of course was a CakeWrecks style cake.

He really was amused.  My son got home and I checked his homework (hubby was sleeping) and then it was time for me to go off to the mandatory parent choir meeting with my son.  While we were gone my hubby went to the store and got steaks, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.  After I got done with the parent meeting I came home and watched my hubby cook.  He talked to our friend while I put all of the choir dates on the calendar.  Then I went to pick my son up.  We got home - had a nice birthday dinner with my hubby and got my son to bed.  Hubby and I stayed up late talking and doing things on the computer.  I really need to start getting to bed earlier.


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