Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So Tuesday I got up - made sure my son was up and going to school.  Went back to bed and cuddled with my hubby until he was ready to get up.  When he got up I got started on finishing my resume and as soon as he left I cleaned the bathroom, stripped the bed, started dinner and worked on 2 applications.  I went grocery shopping, started dinner, found the list of group homes I could check out, checked craigs list for job, took out garbage, cleaned the refrigerator and worked on another application.

I got the mail and filled out all of my unemployment stuff that was in the mail.  My son came home with lots of things for me to sign and he had homework.  We got that done and then I took him to choir - but on our way I stopped at the grocery store to get my son some non-dairy ice-cream.  After I dropped him off I got school supplies. 

I found out his upgraded cell phone did not have the stuff he wanted so I set it up for a return.  My hubby talked to our friend and I then went to go pick my son back up (I knew our friend was doing what she could to keep my hubby from backing out an appointment for Monday of next week.)  We had dinner and I started pushing my son to finish by 11pm so I can get him to bed before midnight.

As usual I am frustrated I didn't do enough and sitting here late into the night writing all of the different group homes in our county out to try to work through them tomorrow.  I am still struggling with feeling like a failure.  I know my hubby is trying to give up what he needs to do because he is worried about our finances but I just won't let that happen.  I just really wish I could get a job quickly.

Time is moving so fast - my son is in 11th grade now - less than 2 years from an adult - my daughter only 7 months behind him. 

I just keep trying to focus on what someone sent me:
GET YOUR WOW BACK!!!!...It is in there, maybe buried, but your life force, your reason, your purpose is there-what better way to spend your day than finding the reason you are here today??? Why are you here today??


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