Thursday, September 1, 2011 - Starting over - AGAIN

Ok - things on this blog are going to be a bit wilder and written probably a bit weirder as I process and deal with everything I am doing.

So first thing - I SLEPT IN!!!  I might as well enjoy this while it lasts!  But I still had a ton to do and did get done today.  And so many emotional swings.

First thing that was the most important is start getting medical insurance and medications taken care of - that is the most urgent.

First I contacted my daughter's social worker to switch my daughter to have Medi Cal as her primary.  So I sent her the forms she needed - now she is taken care of.

Next I scanned marriage and birth certificates and tax returns and sent them to my hubby at work.  He had already filled out the online paper work but just needed the backup documentation.  OK all should be good on that so then I started calling and finding doctors and setting up doctor appointments so our meds don't lapse.  I ran into a brick wall for a bit trying to get an appointment within the two weeks that he has his meds - finally they caved and gave him an "urgent" appointment on Sept 13th in the AM  (they wanted him to have a full physical in NOVEMBER!).  Hubby sent me the insurance info and I called the pediatrician back and gave it to her and then I made an appointment for myself Sept 28th - that should be good because my doctor at Kaiser had previously ordered 3 months of meds that I just got - (he says he knows I am less likely to be compliant if I have a large supply and then there is only 4 times a year I might forget to renew)

Then I started trying to get references so I could start applying for jobs as a therapist.  I got one from the foster families agency I worked at and one from the previous company and towards the end of the day I got confirmation of the one at the company that just laid me off  officially not supposed to give refs).  I contacted HR and asked about turning in my equipment at the office near me - she agreed and arranged it.

So at 3pm I went and dropped that off and mailed off the agreement that will give me my severance.  I deposited my vacation check.  I picked up a calligraphy pen so I can start doing the invitations to my graduation that arrived today and also my hubby's appreciation certificate so I could sign my name with the pen.  I started tracking down addresses to send invitations to - amazing int his age I mainly only have email addresses.

My son was making me laugh a majority of the day - almost annoyingly because I was trying to focus - and then he left and was going to spend the night at a friend's house.

My hubby came home and we had a gourmet meal of Mac and Cheese - but it was really nice.  And then I kept working on one application and had it ready for scanning and emailing tomorrow and finished a 2nd application that was fully online so it went out around 10pm.

For the most part I started getting into a better mood and thought about these things:
 My whole world is changing and it is so exciting! Who says that turning 40 this year is a bad thing - I think I 40 is really going to be for me the freedom to live out my dreams! - 0-9: growing - 10-19: learning - 20-29: earning- 30-39: dreaming 40+: living!
And I also got this in an email group that I belong to that I thought was kind of helpful:
As we start to walk the Red Road and as we develop ourselves as Warriors, a song will come to us. This song is given to each of us from the Great Spirit. Whenever we sing this song, we will receive courage and strength, not only for ourselves but if we sing this song for others, it will also help them. The song will give us power and make us feel really good. With the song comes a responsibility - the responsibility to act and conduct oneself as a Warrior according to your song.
Tomorrow more applications and trying to find more job opportunities. 


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