Monday, September 12, 2011 - the appointment

Today started off good even though hubby and I were tired from going to bed and not sleeping well.  We were both really anxious.  I made sure my son was getting up and we headed to the airport.  We got there and parked with no problem.  In security despite my hubby being anxious - *I* was the one who they decided to do a pat down on - hubby walked right through.  To think someone was worried that my skirt could hide some scary weapon - LOL.  So we get through security buy a pathetic breakfast from Burger King and wait.  I called my son to make sure he was on the way out to school.  We boarded the plane and took off on time.  Then just as they said we could take out electronic devices - we made a turn and they asked us to return them (about 20 min into the flight) - we landed back at our original airport.  They had us sit there for over 4 hours!  Our appointment was for noon - and at 12:30 we were still at our original airport sitting on the hot airplane not going anywhere.  Finally we took off.  We got there in about 2 hours later around 2:45pm.  The office nicely worked us in for my hubby's appointment - they even still picked us up at the airport despite the delay.

We went through the consult and my hubby decide he is going to do the surgery so we booked it for February 28th next year.  It is a bit daunting because the first stage is $45K and I am unemployed but I know somehow we will do it.  They took us back to the airport - I did manage to get us a later flight since when we were arriving at the airport we should have been going through security to get on the next plane back home.  I called my son to let him know we were going to be later but still make it home.  We went through the xray thing at security without an incident.

On the plane it was hot with almost no air - miserable - hubby and I talked about his big step and we flew home exhausted.  A bit of turbulence and a migraine later and we landed.  We were hungry, thirsty, in pain and tired emotionally and physically but we were now in our home town.  We drove home and unwound and went to bed... tomorrow is my hubby's birthday - so tired - at least he doesn't have to go to work.


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