Thursday, September 8, 2011

I got up and made sure my son was up - he got up and went to school.  I cuddled with my hubby and then he tried to get up and his back was out.  He called into work.  I worked on my computer for a bit - The guy from HR sent a letter that should work for us getting medical insurance and then I started checking the different job boards and starting to go through a page of group homes from adjoining counties.  I then left to return my son's cell phone and get my nails done. 

While I was getting my nails done I did get a call from a recruiter over an IT job.  It lifted my spirits.  I did an over the phone interview and he sounded so positive and said he wanted me to sign some papers and have them to him in less than 30 min.  I called my hubby who was wonderful - despite his drugged sleep he was able to figure out how to use my Mac (he has a PC) and get the guy's email - open the document sign my name to it - save it - and then reply to him and attach it.  I was in a pretty good mood.

I came back after my nails were done and continued working through the group list.  I then took a break and checked the job boards again.  My heart sank - many many other recruiters had posted the same damn job.  SO each recruiter is sending in several different people to the same job - my quick calculations made me realize I am easily just one of a hundred or so applicants. 

I applied to a couple more places and then my son came home.  We discussed what to make for dinner since we were not going to have my hubby grill like he had planned since his back still hurt.  We ended up making taco salad after running to the store to get a couple things.

We made the dinner and relaxed and enjoyed the meal.  My hubby did the best he could sitting up but did go back to bed not long after when his back got really painful again. 

I started working with my son to make sure he was getting things together since he was going on a camping trip on Friday.  I got my son to bed and then I went to sleep too or tried - with a million thoughts running through my head.


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