Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Sunday night, my hubby was talking to our best friend.  Her cat started throwing up really bad.  It didn't look good so just past midnight our time - 3am her time she took her cat to a 24 hour vet hospital.  They gave him an IV and she went home to get a few hour sleep.

I woke up in the AM and checked in with my friend - not good a mass in his intestines - a complete blockage  surgery scheduled for sometime on Tuesday.  She just lost her fiance a few months ago - she really does not need to lose a cat she has had for 11-12 years.  I kept her in my thoughts and prayers all day and her cat too.

My son finally got up and started doing a little house work but then said he needed to do something for scouts.  Wow - I wonder if I will ever see him sometimes.  I am trying to get myself in good mood - planning my graduation and dinner afterwards and focusing on this week's job search.  Trying not to think about my daughter's therapy session that I am dreading. 

Thoughts are just constantly running through my mind.  I am scared and having a hard time controlling my emotions.  I go from ok to near tears in a split second.  I cannot stay away from my computer but I never quite get anything done because I am distracted (yea like these blog posts - I start them and save them to come back to them)  I keep thinking if I stay away from the computer at all I will miss the opportunity to work again.

I had to start taking more benedryl at night in order to sleep better.  The stress has got my Parkinson's out of control - I will look like a nervous wreck when I do get an interview.  My clothes - arggh I so need interview clothes - and a million other things just constantly racing through my head. 

My son came home and we relaxed and ate together and talked about him starting his junior year tomorrow.  He has been cleaning like crazy and he want to bed late - I am going to have to be on him now about going to bed on time.


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