A Prayer for a new beginning - the Phoenix

For those of us with adult or nearly adult children who may have lost their way - I am burning a candle in prayer for their rebirth. Trauma changes the brain and makes it hard for our children to find their way to love. Let this candle light their path to love and give them the ability to define themselves without their trauma and past defining them.

For my daughter:
This is the candle I am burning - blessing you with hope and love on your journey. Behind it is the Phoenix - you probably remember it from Harry Potter - it grows and becomes a beautiful bird and then it grows old and bursts into flames - turns into ashes and is reborn. This is your rebirth - you have a chance to become new again. I believe in you as I always have, I love you as I always have, and I have hope and prayers for you as I always have. This candle will burn and become something amazing for you.


update - this is what the candle looks like after 1 day (it has a statue in it)

update - this is what the candle looked like after 2 days
update - this is what the candle looked like when my daughter got to where she was going - I hope she keeps the walls down and allows herself to be the beautiful woman she is.



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