And the case moves forward....

So I checked in with the DA re: my the case in Bakersfield when Michael Lenoir hurt my daughter, and the case will move forward.  Sometime in the first couple week of December, I will most likely be called to testify against this nasty horrid person and try to get him locked up for life.  He refused a plea bargain, I hope I can help land him with at least one of the dozen felonies he is charged with so he will have his third strike.  I only say this because he has victimized many and he needs to not be among the rest of the population.

What I struggle with is having to deal with this after 18 months, and trying to have empathy and compassion and forgiveness for my daughter while at the same time the other case where my daughter victimized me - that is going on.  I hate emotions like this and I hate to be so torn and raw.  I wish I could really help my daughter and have her get better.

So many emotions and chaos and distractions running through my head.  On the plus side my son said that my pt cruiser that he drives is having problems, I say plus side because it gives me something logical to work on this weekend.  Hoping I can do a little car tinkering (and sadly there is little you can do with the pt cruiser without thousands of dollars in computer equipment) but maybe basic tinkering and changing of some sensors fixes it and makes me feel like I can solve one problem when I have no idea how to handle the rest of my problems or my emotions.


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