and my heart breaks...

"HI, mom I got outta jail at 4am on Fri morning. I plead guilty to all my charges n only served out the rest of my time n have to complete a year probation sooo basically I'm cleared for all the law shit I have some fines to pay but things in the streets for me ain't lookin good at all most likely I'll end up dead. I love u n would give anything for a hug and for u to tell me u love me I just want to hear my mom's voice in person."  

and then:

"I love n miss u too you'll be in my heart....always!"  (which is from the Lion King)

my heart breaks - I wish I could really help her but every time I have tried to help her, but it never works out.  I just want my little girl to be safe and happy not be barely surviving on the street.


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