Making Choices

Yesterday was valentines' day.  I was working hard to have a good day with my hubby.  Almost as if it were a warning, in the evening as I got out my pizza stone, it fell and broke into many pieces.  Within a minute the phone rang - I looked and it was most likely my daughter calling from a phone at a gas station snack place.  I had to make a choice, answer it and most likely be upset or just let it go.
So I
It is a slow process for me to learn to allow myself good things to happen and not allow others to sabotage them (even if they did not mean to).  Part of my heart breaks that I cannot pick up the phone and expect a nice conversation with my daughter and the other part is desperately trying to heal.

I am working on healing myself and trying to find a healthy level of interaction with my daughter.
I know it is not her fault the way she is but there is only a certain level of dysfunction and drama I can handle before I start to slide down that dysfunctional hill again.


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