Full Storm Moon

Today is the Full Storm Moon.  Storms are often brewing in the weather and in our lives.  This moon is at the end of February or in March and before the Vernal Equinox.  The weather is violently vacillating between winter and spring.  Often we are dealing with the same in our own emotional realm.  We are struggling between still being in our dark realm of self-reflection and starting to come out and be part of a community.  We struggle to make room for others in our plans or seeing how our plans affect others. This year I am struggling on how to handle my relationship with my daughter.  I am trying to forgive and let go of the anger and frustration I have with her and at the same time hold her responsible for her actions and limit my contact with her since it is a dysfunctional relationship.

It is hard when she will say how much she loves me and that how horrible I am all within a few minutes just because I wouldn't give her what she wanted.


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