Forgiveness can free your soul

Forgiveness can free your soul - I have heard this so very often.  A few months ago I chose to go back into therapy to see if I could find a way to forgive my daughter.  Everything came at once - a phone call from a detective about the house break-in and a phone call saying the trial where my daughter is a victim.  This threw me into quite a depression.  Luckily we had a trip to Monterey planned for Thanksgiving weekend and I was really able to relax and let go.

I came back and my friend that is having me go through her coaching program did a deep meditation journey with me and I feel like I was really able to forgive my daughter.  I am so much calmer now and thinking about her doesn't upset me like it did before.

I hope it lasts - still waiting to hear when I will testify in the trial.


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