Healing myself

So I am working on healing ALL of me.
I have a health coach and am working to become healthier - I am walking more and eating very few carbs, losing weight and hopefully the blood work continues to get better.
I am working with a life coach to help me heal some of my basic issues and to help me get my career and my dreams off the ground.
I am working with a therapist to move forward and emotionally heal from the PTSD of raising a child who experienced trauma.
Today was a life coaching session (and allergy shots). 
I have been getting better about feeling that I am a wonderful person who deserves to be married to the awesome hubby I have.  I noticed how words really do affect us.  I was able to say "I am A Goddess" but when it came to "I am Goddess" it was really hard.  I understand the concept - I am Goddess in her earth form - just as all women are and all men are God.  We need to see that we are the divine - that is not to say that we treat others as lesser - because if we all are God and Goddess then we must treat each other with the same level of respect.

Using the word "a" in front of Goddess allowed me to lower myself a peg, as in believing I was not worthy to be part of the divine.

I continue working on forgiving myself and those who I feel have hurt me and try to find the peace I need.


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