Hunter's Full Moon or Harvest Full Moon is the first full moon after Mabon

The Hunter's or Harvest Full Moon is the first full moon after Mabon (Autumn Equinox). 

The Hunter's Full Moon is named because the full moon give light to hunters tracking their prey before the cold winter settles in.  They are able to stock up on the protein they will need to make it through the winter.

It is also known as the Harvest Full Moon because we are harvesting all that we worked for this year. 

Today while making dinner with my son, I realized this is the dream that I had - this is what I have always wanted for my family - full of peace and love - hubby calls to say he is on his way home - kids and I make dinner together - laughing and joking and then when hubby is home everyone sits down and has dinner together. Tonight I had that with my son and my hubby. Some people thought I wanted the drama in my life - but today I can say - nope - I really love this calm and peace - finally I have what I always dreamed of and strived for. A perfect night.   This is my harvest.  And me stocking up and creating something that hopefully will continue - my family - and peace.


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