My personal strategic Plan

Heather Cassandra Blessing, LMFT's Personal Strategic Plan
Argosy means Large Ship or a Fleet of Ships and it can also mean a rich supply.
I went to Argosy University for both my BA and my MA and find my calm in the ocean.  I wish to live my life as a "Rich Supply Ship", providing supplies (and support) for others while making sure I maintain my ship properly so I can continue to provide supplies.

My Mission Statement
My mission in affect change by using my knowledge, experience, logic and empathy.  In order to affect change, I must maintain a positive, problem solving attitude a majority of the time by being aware of my thoughts and scheduling self-care.

My goals;
Be aware of my thoughts by noticing negative depressing thinking at least 6 out of 10 times and reward myself with a congratulations thought each time.

Do more self-care by setting aside time each day for relaxing or reading and at least 1 time a month visit nature.

Create RiversideSupport by creating strategic and business plans by October 31, 2015.


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