Taking care of my health

So a couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  The worst part is my body seems to be producing the glucose that I am not able to deal with.  I am now on an extremely low-carb diet - under 50 grams of carbs a day (at least most days).  I also just a couple weeks ago bought a fit-bit to try to push myself to increase my exercise.  I have had to struggle to learn how to not emotionally eat.  I did not realize how much food was a comfort.  In the middle of the night I often have panic attacks and before I would get up and eat something - now I struggle to find healthier options.

I am starting to learn how to cook more interesting food low carb so that is good.  Trying new things and organizing my life.  I also like Just Dance 2 on the wii as the weather is so hot here that is really my only easy way to exercise inside.


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