Mabon / Fall Equinox

The last several years I have been away from home on Mabon.  This year I am partially not home.  I am traveling yesterday and today to Berkeley, CA to go to the CAMFT Board Meetings.  Normally I am at the ATTACh Conference but this year it was in Florida and I didn't have the funds to go. 

This year has been really interesting.  Last year, I got involved with a small group of people who saw some things we felt were wrong and we got together and reached out to the rest of the membership.  At the board meeting this time last year, they listened to our voice and we exacted change!  This year I am sitting here watching the board work and 5 members of our small group are now on the board!  What a harvest.

This year is also hard, right now my husband is watching over his grandfather's end of life.  It is hard to let go but a good time of year to let go.  It will be hard for my husband as this is his last remaining relative. 

Let peace go where we let things go and let everything we let go, leave us with the knowledge and experiences we need for the future.


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Mabon\Fall Equinox