A moment to say how awesome our relationship is....

So this weekend, I was reading some of my favorite blogs and this one, "The Chill Out Fire Storm" made me realize how awesome my husband and my relationship is.  These phrases:
1) Chillax.
2) You are being irrational.
3) Stop stressing out. It’s no big deal.
4) Have you taken your medication?
5) Is it that time of the month?
6) You are overreacting.
7) You are always upset about something.

or something close to them were often uttered by my partner in my previous relationships.  Not one of those is used by either my husband or myself.  When either of us are stressed, we empathize and do not "blame" the other or invalidate each others' feelings.

I think that really keeps our relationship awesome.

It made me realize how much we are naturally validating, respectful and loving towards each other.
I am so happy to have such a wonderful relationship with my husband.


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