Now it is the time of year when we actually start working on our intentions - we plant the seeds - we start actively spending energy to make our seeds of intent grow.

So let's see how I am coming along with each of my intents.
And for this next year I got 6 seeds of intent and they are going to be:
1.  Continue to work on my health
I am walking more again - doing neurofeedback in hopes to help my sleep patterns

2.  Start balancing my case load so it is not overwhelming
 I am learning to limit my time with my clients and learn to say no.

3.  Continue to follow the path the Goddess has put in front of me especially when it comes to being a therapist.
Now I am taking some clients from an agency which allows me to get decent pay and still work with the under-served.

4.  Continue to process letting go of my daughter
I am feeling better and better despite struggling on her birthday.

5.  Be good to myself.
I am working on not being upset with myself when I do not accomplish what I want to accomplish

6.  Focus on organizing my life so it allows me to do what I need to do to be good to myself.
I have been organizing my life to make it easier to get things done.

I feel more energized than I ever have and feel so good physically, mentally and emotionally.  I look forward to see what this year holds for me.


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